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What Do You Need to Know BEFORE Your Home Security and Surveillance Installation?

Home Security and Surveillance System Installation

A good home security installation involves a whole lot more than just putting a control panel on the wall and setting up window sensors.  If you want your home security installation to be a total success, you’ve got to follow these simple tips: 

- Get a licensed installer to do the work for you

Even if you’re doing a wireless home security installation (and, thus, you don’t have to go into the walls and fiddling with a bunch of electrical wires), the odds of you being able to tackle this project yourself are slim.  Don’t worry, though.  A good alarm company will thoroughly check out all of its installers before one of them shows up at your home.  

- Make sure you know all of the expenses down to the last red cent

You’ve got to read the fine print and ask a few questions before your home security installation is even scheduled.  Some alarm companies will charge a variety of hidden fees – ones that you don’t even know exist until it’s time hand over your credit card!  So, make sure you know everything you’re responsible for long before the equipment goes in. 

- Find out if your existing equipment can be of any use to your installer

If you’re switching from one security system to another, ask if any of your old equipment can be used with your new one.  Chances are you’ll be dealing with totally different stuff, but it never hurts to ask!  After all, a good installer will integrate everything that he can.

- Get a demo of your entire system before your installer leaves

A good home security installation doesn’t end when everything is up on the wall.  Instead, it ends when you know how to use your system.  A good installer will be happy to give you a quick demonstration and answer all of your questions.  If he’s not, it’s time to find a new security company! 

- Learn how the backup system works

During your home security installation, make sure you understand the logistics behind your battery backup system.  For example, find out if you need to change the batteries on a regular basis, or if you have to change any settings when the power goes out.  Also, find out if you get an extra battery pack during your installation – or if you have to go out and buy your own.

Home Security and Surveillance System Installation

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